1. What does a 3D printer can print? Can print in colorful?

A: 3D printer is used to print the solid model. As long as there is 3D file in STL format of the model, it can be printed. For example, if you have a 3D model of a water cup in STL format, you can print out a water cup that can hold water.

Ordinary 3D printers can't print in colorful, only single color model can be printed.

2. What is the function of 3D printer?

A: 1) buy it for children to play, cultivate their creativity, and improve their thinking ability and practical ability. Through thinking, children can create unique personalized works, print out models, and paint colors and assemble them. From childhood, he cultivated creative thinking.

2) You can print some small items needed in daily life to add color to your life.

3) You can print some required product samples.

3. How long does the 3D printer life last?

A: generally printing frequency , the printer life is over five years, and the service life is no problem. If there are aging and damaged parts, you can buy replace parts in the online shop of the merchants and replace them by themselves. You can ask for the replacement operation video.

4. How to get the STL format file of 3D model file?

A: there are three main ways to get 3D files:

1) Find STL models in the model library of the website www.toy123.com , or Google search 3D model files.

2) Edit 3D model file with e3dmagic software(self-developed)

3) With professional 3D modeling software, there are some suitable for primary users, such as 123d, Tinker CAD, etc.

5. Can STL format 3D model files be printed directly?

A: STL format files cannot be printed directly. Printers can only read gcode files. STL format needs to be sliced and converted to gcode format before printing. Slicing is to cut out the printing path of the model. There are two kinds of slicing software

1) Easyware, a self-developed simple software, it is easy to operate and has a general printing effect.

2) Open source slicing software, Cura, simplify3d, usually uses Cura. Printing quality good, There are teaching videos in the website.

6. Can 3D printers be operated on mobile phones?

A: 3D printers can't be operated on mobile phones. Have to operate on computers, 3D printing usually requires slicing software and modeling software, which need to be installed on the computer. After completing the gcode format file, copy it to the TF card, and then insert the card into the printer for printing.

7. What materials can be printed by 3D printer?

A:     1) all of them can print PLA material, which can be printed without hot bed. If there is a hot bed for printing, the adhesion is better. The printing temperature of PLA is between 180-230 degrees, usually about 190 degrees, and the printing effect is better.

2) if Extrude motor inside the printing head of the printer,   then can print TPU soft materials, the temperature is usually about 200 degrees, such as x1, 2, 3, 4, K1, 2, 3, 4, 5, NANO, NANO plus, Minnie

3) If you want to print ABS, the maximum temperature of the print head should be 250 , and the hot bed should be 110 . For example, X7 model can printer ABS.

8. Can the printer print only specific materials? Or can print generic materials?

A:    the printing materials of Easythreed 3D printer are common in the market. There are common materials with wire diameter of 1.75mm on the market. The quality of materials on the market is uneven. Users are required to use materials with reliable quality. It is better to use materials supplied by the original manufacturer of the printer. If the quality of the materials used is poor, it is easy to cause nozzle blocked or poor printing effect.

9. How big can a printer print?

A: the parameters of each machine indicate the range of its printing length, width and height. The model size that does not exceed this range can be printed. For example, the printing range of EasyThreed X1 model is 10x10x10cm.

10. How long does it take to print a model?

A: it takes about an hour to print a model with a size of 4 * 4 * 6cm. Some machines are faster and some machines are slower. Long printing time is the shortage of 3D printing.

11. Is the printer nozzle easy to break? What to do if the nozzle is blocked?

A: in the case of frequent printing, the nozzle needs to be replaced in three to six months, which is easy to replace. There is video teaching available.

If the nozzle is blocked, there are the following treatment methods:

1) Try feeding again, if it can feed, it will be solved.

2) Open the cover of the print head to see if the material is stuck on the feeding gear. If it is stuck, please use the tool to get the material out.

3) If it cannot be handled, only replace the nozzle with a new one.

12. How long does the printing platform need to be replaced?

A: in the case of frequent printing, the printing platform needs to replace 100 models after printing. Of course, you can paste masking tape on the platform to continue to use, as long as the model can be stuck on the platform without falling off.

13. Why does the printer not print after inserting the TF card with gcode file after normal feeding?

A: 1) in this case, first check whether the gcode file name is English letters or numbers, Please don’t use Chinese names.

2) Check whether the gcode file is sliced with hotbed. If the printer standard does not have hotbed, but slicing with hotbed, it will not print normally.

3) If there is no problem with the gcode file, it may be a problem with the TF card. Please format the TF card, copy the gcode file to the card and print again.

14. Why the model printed by easyware slicing software is not good and the surface is rough.

A: Easyware slicing software is specially developed for beginners. The operation is very simple, and children can easily learn it. The printing effect is not so perfect. If you want a good printing effect, please learn to use Cura slicing software to slice. There are Cura software downloads in the website, and there are slicing teaching videos to watch, which are easy to learn WWW.TOY123D.COM

15. What is the reason why the model will fall off ? the model does not stick to the platform at the beginning, or the model fall off   during the printing process.

A: (1) if the distance between the platform and the nozzle is too far, it is necessary to adjust the distance between the platform and the nozzle.

(2)   the platform is touched by hand with grease, it is easy for the printing material to fall off when printing again. Please do not wipe the printing platform with your hands or fingers. If the platform is stained with grease, please dry it with a cloth.

16. How to ensure that the distance adjustment is OK? What is the difference between the nozzle and the platform that is too far or too close?

A: the standard distance between the nozzle and the platform is the distance of a piece of A4 paper. If it is difficult to judge, plug a piece of A4 paper between the platform and the nozzle, with normal pulling and attached resistance as the standard; on the premise that the platform will not be scratched, the closer the adjustment is, the more firm the model will stick!

(1) The correct distance between the nozzle and the platform: the silk is flat and flat on the platform without burr , the best distance between the nozzle and the hot bed can ensure that the printed consumables are pressed tightly on the hot bed to form a flat strip (flat skin).

(2) The distance is too far: it is thin and round. When it is pasted, the paving is uneven, and the adhesion is not tight or not. The platform needs to be raised a bit.

(3) The distance is too close: it is very difficult or not to silk out. In some serious cases, a deep mark will be hung on the platform, which indicates that the paste is too tight, and the platform needs to be adjusted down a bit.

17. What should be paid attention to when adjusting the platform? And do you need to do leveling every time you print?

A: (1) when adjusting the platform, it is necessary to slightly turn the screw of the platform with the accessory screwdriver tool to adjust the lifting of the platform;

(2) you do not need to adjust the platform every time before printing. When the model does not stick, or when print the first layer the nozzle scrape the platform, you need to do leveling again.

18. Do you need to take the consumables out of the print head after each printing?

A: No, if you don't print for a long time, you need to withdraw the material from the print head.

19.Does the printer has a hot bed? What's the use of hot bed?

A: some models are equipped with hot bed as standard, while some models do not have hot bed. Models without hot bed can be purchased separately to add hot bed. The function of hot bed is to make the model better adhere to the platform when printing the model. If you print a small model, it doesn't matter if there is no hot bed. If you print a model with a large area and there is no hot bed, the model may be warped.

Note: the stand-alone hotbed is not controlled by the printer firmware, so there is no need to slice the hot bed for slicing.

20. The problem of nozzle not spit silk .

(1) Check the feed:

Do the feeding. If it is an external gear structure, observe whether the gear rotates or not.   if the extrude set inside the print head, observe whether the motor vibrates slightly and makes working noise .

If extrude motor not work, check whether the connect wires are connected completely.

(2) Check the temperature:

The temperature of PLA printing nozzle is between 180 and 210 .

(3) Check whether the nozzle is blocked:

Do the feed, if no filament spit out, open the printer head cover, to check where is the filament blocked and clear it up.

(4) Whether the platform is close to the nozzle:

If the platform is close to the nozzle, the nozzle cannot spit out silk. Adjust the distance between the nozzle and the platform, the distance is just put down a piece of A4 paper is appropriate.

21, printing model shift problem

(1) Slice model error:

Re-slice the model diagram and move the model to another position, so that the software can re-generate gcode print.

(2) during printing, the print head is blocked by external force

First of all, do not touch the moving print head with your hand during the printing process, or check whether the consumables roll is fed smoothly and whether the consumables are knotted.

22. There is a big gap between the printing accuracy and the theory

(1) Print out that there are accumulation and cutting tumor on the outer surface of the model

The temperature of the nozzle is too high, and the consumables melt too fast, resulting in the flow deposition overflowing the printing outer layer.

There is no error in the setting of consumable size limit. There is a consumable limit in slicing software. The default value of each open source software is different. There are 1.75mm and 3.00mm consumables on the market. The limit of using 1.75mm consumables in the software is "1.75", and that of 3.00mm consumables is "2.85 and 2.95".

(2) Generally, the surface of FDM printing support is very poor

Try to reduce the support density, 10% is appropriate. The distance between the support and the model body is increased. It is easy to support.

After removing the support, the printing effect of the support surface is rough, which can be slightly trimmed with a grinding tool, and then wiped with a towel dipped in acetone. Pay attention to wear gloves, do not wipe too long, so as not to affect the appearance and size of the model.

(3) Printing consumables difference:

With the maturity of 3D printing, the FDM printing consumables in the market are rich, and users are dazzled by various novel colors and production additions. But the suitability of consumables and printers is particularly important.

23. If the parts of the printer are broken, can they be replaced by themselves?

A: Yes, users can purchase replace parts on the manufacturer's online store to replace them,   and can ask the manufacturer to send the replace operation video.

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